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Complimentary Policy Auditing Service

If you’re like most people,  you probably bought your insurance long ago, put it in the bottom desk drawer,  and haven’t given it a second thought. Has anything changed since then? Do you still have the right amount  of coverage?  Do you have the right type of coverage?  What about your beneficiaries?  Are they likely to pre-decease you or have  they already?  Are they minor  children?  Are they an ex-spouse?  This is important stuff and the key is to  have it right before it’s too late.  You may  also be able to pay substantially less for your coverage or increase your coverage  for the same amount you currently pay. Fact  is, people are now living longer, healthier lives.  Health impairments that were once life  threatening or even fatal are now very treatable due to advances in medicine  and patients can expect to live a normal life expectancy.  As a result, costs of insurance have come  down dramatically, and in many cases, despite older age or certain health risks  you may be able to do much better.  As independent  agents, we will survey the entire marketplace of top-rated carriers to find YOU  the best deal and provide you with a FREE unbiased report.    

Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Due to healthier lifestyles  and advances in medicine we are now living longer than ever.  In fact, for a married couple age 65 there is almost a  50% chance of at least one spouse living until age 94 and a 10% chance of  living until age 100.  That’s great news,  but this means we must carefully plan for our money to last us 30 or more  years, while being prepared for unexpected medical and/or family expenses.  In a recent survey 61% said they are more  afraid of outliving their retirement savings than dying.  Have you and your spouse discussed how to maintain  your current lifestyle no matter how long you live?  Learn a simple, little known strategy you can  use to create income guaranteed for life that you AND your surviving spouse can  NEVER outlive!


Tax Free Wealth Accumulation

There are well known tax  favored plans allowed by the government such as traditional IRA’s or 401K’s,  and you should take advantage of them, especially if your employer matches  contributions.  However, there can be harsh  penalties for early or late withdrawals, adverse tax consequences later on, and  strict limits on contributions.  Perhaps  you want to put away more money on a tax favored basis or you may need money  earlier than expected.  What if you could  invest as much money as you would like tax deferred AND have tax FREE access to  YOUR cash any time with no early withdrawal penalties and/or fees?  You can! There are lesser known plans also allowed by the government where you  can accomplish exactly that.  In  addition, in the event of premature death, these plans pay 10x or more of  account value to your beneficiaries, income tax free!  Imagine your own private self-completing Roth  IRA with virtually no contribution limits, or income restrictions.  This might be just what you’re looking for to  help you better and more efficiently meet your cash needs at or before  retirement.


Brilliantly Use Leverage to Create theRetirement of Your Dreams

You know you should be putting away more  money for later but the demands on cash flow for current needs take  priority.  What can you do?  Well, you borrow money to buy a house, you  borrow money to buy a car.  What if you  could borrow money to fund your retirement?   What if the underlying asset were so powerful that it created its own  cash to pay back the borrowed money and you get to keep the remaining cash  tax-free and create a lifetime income stream?  You can now do this, with a  specially designed asset used for retirement so powerful that banks are willing  and happy to lend you money for on a non-recourse basis.  If you qualify for this amazing opportunity,  in some cases, you may be able to create $1Million  or more of supplemental tax-free retirement income with very little or no cash  out of pocket!


Capture Market Gains on the Upside with100% Protection on the Downside

Are you worried about the next  market crash and how it will impact you?  The “experts” will tell you to just “ride itout”, but keep in mind that a 25% loss takes a 33% gain to be made whole, a 50%  loss needs a 100% gain, and can take as long as a decade when you figure in commissions,  fees, and inflation!  This is your money,  not theirs, and most likely what you’re depending on for your family’s financial  security.  What if you were able to make  money when the market went up but lock in your gains and stay put when it goes  down?  Well, now you can - imagine being  in Vegas playing black jack, if you win you make money, but if you lose, you  keep your money!  Learn how you can take  the risk, guesswork, and worry out of your financial future and replace it with  invaluable peace of mind knowing you have safety of principal! 


Asset Protection

We live in a litigious  society, and the scary reality is that you just never know when you might  become the defendant in a lawsuit.  What  if someone slips, falls and gets badly hurt on your residential or business premises?  What if one of your employees is a bit  careless on the job or on the road at the wrong time?  The key is to have your ducks in a row BEFORE  it happens and it’s a lot easier than you may think.  Unfortunately, many people  associate asset protection with exotic off-shore trusts, expensive legal fees,  and limited access to their money.  It’s  no wonder they put it off.  But, there is  a very simple, little known strategy, so simple that you can start today, that  would protect your cash BY LAW from the reach of creditors while still having  immediate access to your cash!  Protect  yourself, your business, and your family TODAY!


Business Continuation

Can your business survive the  loss of you or one of your partners?  Do  you have a plan in place spelling out how your business continues after  retirement or an unexpected catastrophic event? If you do, is it properly funded to buy out the survivors?  If not, you could easily become partners with  your deceased partners widow and/or children whether you want to or not.  The importance of having a funded buy-sell  agreement in place cannot be overstated. If this is something you’ve been putting off, you might be surprised at  how simple this is to take care of.  You  might even be more surprised to see how you may be able to properly fund  yourbuy-sell agreement AND create tax-free cash reserves for the business with  little or no cash out of pocket!


Executive Benefits & Compensation

If you’re a business owner then  you already know one of your toughest challenges is finding good people.  If you are lucky enough to already have a  great team, then what are you doing to make sure you keep them happy and loyal  to you?   Do you currently provide them any  unique benefits or bonuses they’re  not likely  to find elsewhere?  If so, is your plan  properly  funded to provide the benefits promised?  Keep the edge over your competition by  providing unique, customized benefit packages to your key employees with  surprisingly little cash out of pocket. In some cases you can also get substantial current tax deductions for  your business.   


Give away your IRA or 401K twice

Would you like to leave moreto  your family?    Would you like to domore for your favorite charity?  Would  you like to do  more for your family AND favorite charity without shortchanging  either?  Learn simple, yet little known  strategies to unlock dormant assets you might not even know you have, and give  away the same asset TWICE to your favorite charity AND beneficiaries!


Estate Planning

A very common, but very costly  mistake people make is dying without an estate plan.  Even if you fall well below the current exemption,  you still need a clear plan to make sure assets stay out of probate and  smoothly pass on to your intended beneficiaries.  No matter what your net worth is, if you die  without a plan, the state will make a plan for you.  This can cause your assets to pass to  unintended beneficiaries, tie up assets in probate - possibly for years creating  unnecessary costs and legal fees, not to mention the chaos and stress on your family  causing bitter fights and ending relationships. As of 2016, over 55% of Americans do not have a will, and it is  estimated that over $3.5 Billion is spent annually on probate costs and legal  fees!  

If your total net worth is  greater than the current exemptions, will your heirs have the cash to pay your  estate taxes 270 days after yours and/or your spouse’s death?  If so, have you protected them against income  & estate taxes on the available funds? If not, in order to avoid substantial penalties, your family will be  forced to desperately liquidate your hard-earned assets to pay estate   taxes.  We work with nationally renowned trust  &  estate law firms to assist in using allowable techniques to reduce or in some  cases, completely eliminate estate taxes. If taxes are still due after planning, we can show you how to provide  immediate cash, income &  estate tax free to your heirs to pay estate taxes  and keep all assets intact.  No matter  your wealth, do not overlook this enormously important part of your planning, you  might find it much simpler than you thought to have a solid estate plan in  place.  In some cases, just having a simple  will can make all the difference!  Get it done TODAY, call 1-800-900-9182


Call TODAY  for a FREE No Obligation  Consultation

Do these strategies sound too  good to be true?  The above strategies  are possible because they involve the application of custom designed insurance  contracts.  Because of their highly  favored legal and tax status, with guarantees backed by some of the highest  rated financial institutions in the country, this asset class gives you  protection and benefits that you simply will not find in other financial  instruments.  Few are aware of what this  unique asset class can help accomplish, quickly overlooking it rather than  enjoy the incredible benefits and sense of accomplishment it provides. 

Maybe it’s time to take  another look at this asset class and see its power for yourself and all it can  do for you and your family.  It  allstarts with a conversation.  It’s very  simple, it all boils down to better protecting what you’ve worked so hard for,  reducing or eliminating risk and adding some certainty and peace of mind to  your financial future.  If this makes  sense to you, then call me today and let’s have that conversation.  You’ve got nothing to lose and so much togain.  Either way, YOU Win!


Call  TODAY!!!

Joseph M. Galluzzi, CLU©, ChFC© 


Please don´t hesitate to call us with your questions no matter whether you are already a valued customer, a potential client or if you simply need expert advice. There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

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